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Mission Statement

The mission of the Houston Hunters is to increase business revenue through the controlled application of timeless networking principles including trading services, advertisement, referrals & sharing business knowledge. It's our goal to offer both vendors & end users alike a trusted network for the exchange of products & services from the industries top professionals.

"The Master NetWorker has a mission...to attract all the business around you and distribute that business to yourself and all the strategic partners in your network."

– Michael Richmond in "Mission Critical"

About Us

The Houston Hunters has developed this B2B group to foster and develop the business growth of member companies. The intent is to foster business and personal development of members through mutual support and educational opportunities; realizing that the only path to success is through the activities of each individual member, and at the individual pace of each. The guidelines by which this group is to operate include, but are not necessarily limited to the following:




Attendance Responsibility:


Executive Committee:


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